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Unfortunately it wouldn't be the first time that a bad joke ended up as law.
And whoever brings the audience's favourite bad joke will win two tickets for February's show.
And while a recommendation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion would undoubtedly be treated as either a very bad joke or a hate crime, an anti-Israel book with anti-Jewish overtones might pass muster.
For almost all of them, "the idea of an interventionist state strongly committed to social housing and job development seems either a hallucination or a bad joke, because governments long ago abdicated any serious effort to combat slums and redress urban marginality," he writes.
An intentionally bad joke is taken as an unintentionally bad joke, and your reputation as an office cutup suffers.
Rolando Estabillo, spokesman for Philippine Airlines, said that the man was being held for a bad joke and that it was uncertain whether the police would set him free or file charges against him.
A bad joke for the European Constitution's detractors but a boon for coin collectors.
This old, bad joke is appropriate to what many feel is rapidly becoming the old, bad joke of Australian political life.
Sooner or later it boomerangs and, like a bad joke, comes back to haunt and ridicule you.
JOSE Mourinho absolutely cracking up on Stand Up To Cancer's don'tlaugh-first Bad Joke Battle, asking John Bishop: "What do you call a sheep with no legs?
THE widely reported suggestion that Wales lacks foreign language graduates is unfortunately something of a bad joke.
His fellow party members and some political commentators may marvel at the way Ed Miliband "borrowed" the One Nation catchline from the Tories, but to members of the public, it was worse than listening to one comedian''s bad joke being told by another.