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And whoever brings the audience's favourite bad joke will win two tickets for February's show.
Lord Cardigan said he was fed up with bad jokes at his expense.
We keep in touch but don't talk about work - we text each other bad jokes.
This institutional sexual abuse is cruel and unusual punishment, forbidden by the Constitution, yet until the recent Prison Rape Reduction Act, it has either been ignored or been the subject of bad jokes.
So far, this sounds like it's heading in the direction of one of those bad jokes about "a priest, a minister, and a rabbi in a boat.
Imagine all the bad jokes we would have been deluged with if Florida recount rooms had not been full of chads but full of chits.
Any book concentrating on ingestion, digestion, and excretion opens itself up (pun intended) to bad jokes such as the one I just made.
Includes a glossary, appendices, index and a few bad jokes.
Rumors of Hoover's homosexuality--which this special two-hour Biography episode reports were rampant but suppressed during his lifetime--have blossomed into popular legend, tabloid fodder, and bad jokes since his death.
Although his speaking style has improved over the years, he still sounds like the callow, shallow figure who has begotten a million bad jokes.
After choosing your head, hat, and body, you cruise the TV channels to game shows, dance contests, and music videos, while nutty characters run around telling bad jokes.
Night, the bored disc jockey, Cackling bad jokes to keep us awake: sequence of motions through toll booths, more bad jokes counting the miles of rain into Pennsylvania Spring.