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The answer to stopping the epidemic of bad people killing others with guns in spite of extremely restrictive gun ownership laws (such as in Chicago) lies in laws aimed at bad people.
Critique: Deftly written, organized and presented, "The Trauma Heart: We Are Not Bad People Trying to Be Good, We Are Wounded People Trying to Heal--Stories of Survival, Hope, and Healing" is an extraordinary, reader engaging, life-changing, life-enhancing read from cover to cover.
Like any industry, Ms Gray, there are good people and bad people - just like journalists, in fact.
There are good and bad people everywhere, I wish they wouldn't pick on Liverpool all of the time.
They justify racketeering and other crimes with that they rob bad people.
There are bad people out there looking for every opportunity to do harm, just as there are others who want to get close to well-known personalities and somehow feel they are part of their lives.
It helps to raise awareness that nudists are not the bad people they're sometimes made out to be, he said.
I don't want them to believe the Khmer Rouge are bad people, are criminals.
CRICKET: The proliferation of Twenty20 cricket has "allowed some really bad people back into the game" according to the man who set up the International Cricket Council's anti-corruption unit.
It is easy to think bad of all, and it has to be said that there are many bad people in the world.
Talking to this news agency here the residents of Gulshan Khudadad colony, Golra complained that there colony has become criminals den as some bad people are involved in drug smuggling, killing, child abduction for ransom, rape and other heinous crimes.
Maybe God is playing a joke on bad people by rewarding them on earth and punishing them in the afterlife.