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It's got to the stage that every single England cricketer needs to be told if you bring any bad PR on the team you get sent home.
It's the zenith of "bad PR is still PR" in that it will be talked of ad nauseum for months -- maybe years -- to come.
In fact, last month, Connelly staged a "baby expo" in a penthouse at Toren that included Baby Bodyguards, without worrying about any bad PR it might suggest for the building, which has sold 173 of 240 units.
The bad PR had resulted in lack of interest on part of Delhiites.
"[Iran] has made such a bad PR [public relations move] of this that I do not think the public opinion will lay at rest until the actual sentence of stoning is removed from Iran's penal code."
The new CDC report comes on the heels of this anti-sodium push in NYC and a long line of bad PR for the food industry--beginning, perhaps, with the movie Food, Inc., which painted the industry as a cabal devoted to the eradication of real food for the sake of profit.
Despite threats and some bad PR we do believe that a lifetime guarantee with no time-limit is the strongest statement we could possibly make -- even if it does have some footnotes.
Sawsan Ghanem, Managing Director, Active PR & Marketing Communications Consultancy, tells us how to combat bad PR
IF I was political consultant to the fox fraternity, my advice would be to stop eating children - it's such bad PR when pro-hunting MPs are pressing for a free vote on unleashing the hounds again.
Meanwhile, the facts aren't the only bad PR. First, CEO Tony Hayward, who has replaced Simon Cowell as the most hated Brit in America, minimized the size and effect of the leak by saying it was "tiny" compared with the Gulf of Mexico and that the environmental impact of the oil and the chemical dispersant used to break it up would be "very, very modest." Then, after a month of his company's failures, he whined that he "would like my life back." It was a particularly insensitive comment in light of the 11 people who can't get their lives back and the hundreds of thousands of Gulf Coast Americans whose interrupted lives aren't cushioned by a multimillion-dollar annual salary.
For all the bad PR, the Steelers have suspended these players a total of one game.
But to Refer to offering incentives to a Government as akin to giving a Child Cookies is bad PR. It give the impression that the person advocating such a strategy as being naive.