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Fighting these plans state by state could be a really bad PR move.
There was some concern, if they moved ahead too quickly, public opinion would be so raw, this would be caught in the whirlwind of bad PR," Sohn told Wired.
The bank had been reviewing its advertising account for some time and is looking to improve its public image after developments in the industry caused it a period of bad PR.
This is incredibly bad PR by an authority which spends hundreds of thousands on promoting itself.
Now, this certainly isn't intended to be an indictment on these particular companies, they just happen to be some of the more recent victims of cybercrimes, while suffering the misfortune of bad PR as a result.
This is massively bad PR for the club and I am very surprised McClean got away with it.
It was just bad PR for it might be seen as 'mean spirited' given they were made by a multi-millionaire businessman wanting to be the president for all Americans, when in fact the US already has a multi-millionaire president, albeit a seemingly more humble fellow, occupying the office.
BAD PR Only seven bookmakers stood in the main ring at Hereford and with one of them offering a measly seventh the odds each-way in the opener it wasn't a great advert for the industry.
I don't think Apple will need to think about shifting production unless it is forced by bad PR to use a safer manufacturing process - for example, one that does not involve explosions of aluminum dust.
AT APPARENTLY Stacey Solomon''s "people" are worried about the bad PR she''s getting from smoking while pregnant and think it might affect the sales of her new album.
They) only lead to bad PR for the club and could damage the viability of attracting any future potential business sponsors and income streams for the WST.
But the LDS Church has faced bad PR before, and it is patient.