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BADGE. A mark or sign worn by some persons, or placed upon certain things for the purpose of designation. Some public officers, as watchmen, policemen, and the like, are required to wear badges that they may be readily known. It is used figuratively when we say, possession of personal property by the seller, is. a badge of fraud.

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Enforcement officers, like traffic wardens, would have new powers to inspect and remove badges that were displayed fraudulently or cancelled.
By linking PIP to blue badge eligibility we will help inform local authority decisions on blue badge applicants and help reduce the burden of assessment on vulnerable applicants.
In Wales there are around 230,000 blue badges, and 2.
At this point, it is important we continue to raise awareness and understanding of the scheme among all our customers, so that more and more of us look out for the blue badges and offer our seats to fellow passengers with a greater need.
Corona-Norco USD near Los Angeles found a few years ago that digital badges fit perfectly with its "Passport to Success" college-career readiness program.
Wraith Black Badge and Ghost Black Badge will be on familiar turf, with Goodwood House in sight of the Home of Rolls-Royce.
Robert Pandis has produced a variety of excellent works on early flight badges ranging from his first book covering the United States Army Air Service Aviator Wings to the more recent work, Flight Badges of the Allied Nations.
The recent amnesty ran for two weeks and people were given the opportunity to hand in invalid blue badges, with no questions asked or further action taken.
The owners of the websites have no authority to issue Blue Badges and are in no way related to the council or Blue Badge scheme.
Blue Badges allow for priority parking for disabled people on single and double yellow lines and in disabled parking bays.
Digital badges are tokens that show your achievements.