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This may have been simply a question of balance, whether the composer's or the AAM's, since in their encore, the Badinerie from Bach's Suite in B minor, Brown's nimble rapid passage work was a very audible pleasure.
The night's feast of minor-key classics also includes Beethoven's titanic C minor concerto and the second of Bach's four suites, containing the popular Badinerie movement.
BADINERIE - One for the optimist, who wants something both calming and chirpy.
Now, it is not impossible that by the time of later 2/4 finales, such as the Capriccio of the C minor Partita or the Badinerie of the Ouverture in B minor, BWV1067 - note the unusual term in each case here - the 2/4 should be so much faster than for an aria or a fugue in the middle of a work.
Breguet literally serenaded timepiece connoisseurs with a device that played Bach's Badinerie even as its diamond-studded dial rotated to life, creating a stunning spectacle of shimmering colours.