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The Spanish government, now struggling with its own economic crisis and likely to need a massive EU bail-out, urged Greek politicians to resolve their differences and stick to the austerity path to avoid further economic "contagion".
The longer the bail-outs go on, the more debt moves from the books of wobbly European banks onto the balance sheets of public institutions.
Lamy said the bail-outs had "constrained risk-taking" outside the familiar territories of national markets and this was already affecting Foreign Direct Investment, now forecast to fall 50 per cent this year.
According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the rash of bail-outs added a mammoth pounds 134.
5 billion bail-out package drafted by the French government.
5bn to help rescue Greece, Ireland and Portugal with bail-outs.
Figures released on Wednesday by the Office for National Stastics revealed public sector net borrowing, excluding financial interventions such as bank bail-outs, was Au15.
BERWICK MP Sir Alan Beith has urged David Cameron to press ahead with fundamental changes to banks to prevent any more taxpayer bail-outs.
IT could take more than 10 years for the Government to get its money back from bank bail-outs, it was claimed yesterday.
We haven't been involved in talks about potential Greek bail-outs.
The government has responded with deep spending cuts and costly bail-outs of the banking sector.
Writing in the Financial Times, chief executive Alessandro Profumo, said that the fund could provide help to European banks in the event of another crisis to turn themselves around without state bail-outs.