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The scale of the crisis raises the real prospect of Greece leaving the eurozone - possibly with further bail-outs for Athens involving all 27 member states.
Countries that could no longer finance their debt on the financial markets would do so through EU-led bail-outs.
investors to bear a share of the burden in future bail-outs of countries in
European governments have announced a flurry of bank bail-outs - but the rescue deals have only heightened fears that the contagion from the US credit crisis has much further to run.
The Prime Minister was set to get tough at a meeting of European leaders in Brussels last night where a further bail-out of the stricken Greek economy was being proposed.
Last week the cash-strapped country claimed it has shied away from asking for help, but a bail-out has been widely expected.
The aerospace industry did not need Government bail-outs but was worried money could be switched to other less successful areas, said Ian Godden, chief executive of the Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC).
8bn handed to the group in last October's phase of bank bail-outs.
Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero also ruled out any bail-out.
Germany had been under rising pressure to take the lead in rescuing eastern EU members, but Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted that a one-size-fits-all bail-out was unwise.
And despite pressure from new French president Francois Hollande to ease austerity and back growth, there remains no sign that Greece's partners are prepared to relax the terms of the bail-out deals.
Summary: Britain may have to pledge more than Au3 billion towards an emergency EU bail-out for Portugal.