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There is a chance that just before totality all but one of the Baily's Beads around the moon will vanish, creating an astonishing "diamond ring effect".
Even bright features like Baily's Beads and the diamond ring, which record well with a relatively predictable short exposure (see the table on page 18), will benefit from bracketing--especially if there is haze or thin clouds in front of the Sun.
We were hoping to record Baily's Beads, so only very short intervals at the eclipse's second and third contacts were of real interest for the test.
The Baily's beads at second contact were spectacular and lasted for several seconds; the corona then became visible with the naked eye.
Right on cue, we saw Baily's beads and a diamond ring poking through thin clouds, and the sky turned black.
The coronal streamers made a butterfly pattern, at least two prominences were visible to the naked eye, prolonged diamond rings wowed observers at both second and third contacts, and Baily's Beads were seen by many.
About 10 seconds before totality, through a proper solar filter, look for Baily's Beads and red chromosphere.