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This might look odd t o colleagues, but dit ching your work chair in favour of a balance ball uses up an extra 200+ calories per work day.
They can set up their workstations in ways that are most comfortable for, and conducive to, their own work style, such as using a standing desk or swapping a swivel chair for a balance ball.
Leg raise By adding a balance ball to the familiar leg raise you can make the exercise seem new again and a little more fun.
Fitball is sometimes known as exercise ball, gym ball, pilates ball, sports ball, fitness ball, stability ball, therapy ball, Swiss ball, yoga ball, balance ball or body ball.
You name it, you can try it here, from the Bosu Ball workout (like a half-cut balance ball) to Zumba (a Latin-based movement class) to water- and land-based aerobics.
Each BOSU[R] Balance Ball is shipped with a pump and instructor's manual.