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The study of 29 runners found significantly lower loading rates for those who wore so-called minimal trainers and landed on the ball of their foot, compared with people in normal running shoes, regardless of whether the latter landed on the heel or ball of the foot.
But the painful inflammation is now being cured by Botox injections, with the chemical used to plump up the ball of the foot.
The front foot glides and lands softly on the ball of the foot.
Pulling force" pain between two toes in the ball of the foot is typically associated with a chronically inflamed joint, aka capsulitis.
Using your thumbs make slow rhythmic strokes up the foot from just above the heel to the ball of the foot, up each toe.
Pedicures remove hard skin on the heel and ball of the foot.
The very soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insole is said to provide cushioning and relief in the part of the foot that needs the most support when wearing a high heel, the ball of the foot and toe areas.
The way forward however has been announced; collagen implants for the ball of the foot.