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He said: "pounds 100,000 is a ball park figure that they (Kirklees Highways Department) used because to adopt the road we've first got to put drains in.
It's much better to establish a ball park figure, at the start of a project than to fix the budget first and then work around it"
A 2005 spec Aprilia RSV Mille can be yours for pounds 8,572, which is right in the ball park figure for a one-litre sports bike.
We'd like to find a relatively inexpensive way to get a ball park figure.
Treasurer Nigel Thomas told authority members: ``That's very much a ball park figure based on an intelligent guess.
Just remember - whatever price you're quoted is only a ball park figure.
The executive committee have a ball park figure in mind for the man we want and the wage structure could be bonus related.