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It's a ball park figure, but the petty pilfering may have cost the company in excess of PS5,000 - and that's not counting the 1980s: I still believe Maggie Thatcher would have endorsed my ruthless, entrepreneurial spirit and low cunning.
As a region, we know the sort of ball park figure we need to get to in order to retain the services of Jamie, Alex or whoever is coming on the market.
Burley said: "I have spoken to Everton manager David Moyes and he has given me the ball park figure that it would cost to get James back.
Asked for a ball park figure on what the club might need, Coughlan said: " I don't want to be guessing on it.
There's no harm getting a quote as it gives us a target to aim for - a ball park figure of how much it will cost to help us save our pennies over the coming months.
I understand the ball park figure to be about pounds 500,000 more per team per season.