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BALLOT, government. A diminutive ball, i. e. a little ball used in giving votes; the act itself of giving votes. A little ball or ticket used in voting privately, and, for that purpose, put, into a box, (commonly called a ballot-box,) or into some other contrivance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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We need uniform standards for ballot design, poll worker training, polling place locations, and ballot access for presidential candidates.
Features perspectives of local election and political party officials in Florida on questions including the long-term significance of die 2000 elections, the accuracy of our election procedures, and the reliability of voting technologies, ballot designs, and officials that comprise our electoral system.
The filmmakers quickly examine such topics as the purging of alleged felons, overwhelmingly African-American, from voter rolls; the problems with ballot design and counting; the infamous "spontaneous" demonstration that helped cut short the ballot recount in Miami/Dade County; and the conflicts of interest that many felt should have forced at least three of the Supreme Court justices to recuse themselves from the election decision.
At the core of the Democrats' challenge to the November 7, 2000 election results in Florida was the ballot design for Palm Beach County.
The voting methods are to be made uniform state-wide, and the confusing butterfly ballot design is to be abandoned.
There is, however, an alternative for standardizing ballot design. Congress could mandate a single design for all elections for federal offices, leaving the states free to adopt whatever design they think appropriate for state and local offices.
The clarity of the ballot design can make a difference, as the infamous butterfly ballot in Palm Beach County showed.
Congress should institute minimum and universal national standards for voting equipment, ballot design, and ballot counting.
Federal standards and funding for modern voting technology, fair ballot design, and fair ballot access;
However, Florida law does state that an election can be challenged on the basis of ballot design, or any cause that shows the voters' intentions had been frustrated.
He said 'ineptitude' in ballot design may have caused many south Florida voters to vote for him inadvertently when they meant to vote for Gore.