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He said: "We are hoping for 6.9pc, although I must stress that is still a ballpark figure. We are looking at things all the time.
``We have a ballpark figure in mind which will keep us in a relatively good position in the league tables.''
She said: "It was used as a ballpark figure but it is not confirmed and certainly not definite that that is going to be the case."
Eliminate "Americanisms" referring to popular sports terms such as "ballpark figure," "do an end-run," "get to first base." Substitute simple words for more complex ones.
The budgetary cap set a ballpark figure under which the various ministries and government agencies present their budget requests to the government.
A "ballpark figure" to add rectifiers has been provided by electricians and elevator companies as being in the range of $6,000 to $12,000.
Chiu and Vice Ganda were able to collect a ballpark figure of P2,600.
Contract awarded for Ballpark figure subcontracting maintenance work
He said the company does not put a ballpark figure on the amount needed for investment as it varies depending on the nature of each market.
To get a ballpark figure, you add up the value of everything in the estate - including gifts made in the last 7 years before the person died - and take away any debts, like bills and funeral expenses.
Can you give me a ballpark figure? = Exactly how much will it be?
"We are pleased that Arriva have published a ballpark figure for possible unregulated fare rises, but this means some prices may rise by more than 50% over the length of the franchise.