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here Friday a ballpark figure of the financial damage resulting from the
5 billion dollars -- a sum reached by World Bank and UN experts -- was only a ballpark figure and that estimates for the total reconstruction cost ranged anywhere between eight and 14 billion dollars.
The e1/41 million per stadium was a ballpark figure, he said, since several grounds already have the barebones of a surveillance system.
In its twice-yearly Global Financial Stability Report, the Washington-based institution said the ballpark figure for the four-year period ending in 2010 is down from the $4 trillion estimate in the previous report released in April.
I would like to suggest that the vendors just put a ballpark figure on the car, which is flexible and I am pretty sure the calls will start coming in and the car will be sold much faster this way
How has this contractor billed for the work to be done: hourly, one ballpark figure that covers all the work, or in an itemized list?
Over the next seven years we are about to part with what will start as a ballpark figure of pounds 300million, but no doubt will end up nearly double.
Can you give us what you think is a reasonable ballpark figure on the hours to change out jugs?
To arrive at any sort of reliable ballpark figure, you'll need to know three things: how much you realistically expect to spend annually after retirement, how much principal you'll need to generate that annual income, and how far your present savings are from that figure.
If I were to give you a ballpark figure, I'd say for example we do up to 25 new reviews in the New York market on a monthly basis.
To determine a ballpark figure of the frequency of involvement of acne on the trunk, Dr.
First, can we do a simple, back-of-the-envelope calculation that gives a manager a ballpark figure of what is the value of my customer and how do I increase it?