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In Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of the country, the database does not include information on peatland systems (locally called turberas), despite their large extension and economic importance (Blanco and De La Balze, 2004; Malvárez et al.
Having helped design the economic program in Argentina that has brought about that country's bankruptcy and present crisis, de la Balze believes it is time to crank up the "integration express": "A seven-state NAFTA, incorporating democratic and security accords as well as economic agreements, would offer a wide array of benefits to the entire hemisphere and could eventually integrate other Latin American countries.
lt;<Pastori sfaccendati, arrampicandosi un giorno su per le balze di Mizzaro, sorpresero nel nido un grosso corvo, che se ne stava pacificamente a covar le uova [.