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BANCO. A commercial term, adopted from the Italian, used to distinguish bank money from the common currency; as $1000,

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Al ofrecer una perspectiva general de veinticinco bancos multilaterales de desarrollo, contextualizando su creacion, resaltando sus fortalezas y debilidades asi como estableciendo semejanzas y diferencias entre ellos, el libro Multilateral Development Banks: Gobernance and Finance constituye una valiosa contribucion.
223 authorizing Banco Filipino to operate as a savings bank.
Banco Popular's (and its funding vehicle BPE Financiaciones S.A.) senior unsecured debt has been transferred to Banco Santander and is now rated in line with Banco Santander's IDRs.
The CA pointed out that the PDIC, as liquidator of Banco Filipino, wanted to enforce its findings that the latter is insolvent and could no longer function as bank without awaiting the SC's decision on whether the regulator's resolution is valid.
The CA granted the appeal filed by Ekistics Philippines Inc., a stockholder of Banco Filipino, and reinstated the WPI issued by the Makati City regional trial court in 2016.
Both Banco Santander and Banco Popular offer commercial, retail investment and wholesale banking services, as well as insurance services for the customers in Spain and Portugal.
Recapitalize Novo Banco without taxpayer funds; and
While it is still unknown how much of Novo Banco would be put on the block and no formal sale process is under way at present, it is estimated that the Bank of Portugal is looking to shed some EUR70bn (USD88bn) worth of assets, one source stated.
(SeeNews) - Nov 12, 2012 - Angel Ron, the chairman of Spanish commercial bank Banco Popular (MCE:POP), confirmed once again on Friday the lender's policy to operate alone without any kind of public assistance, local daily Expansion said.