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As indicated in Fig.3, the combined therapy of band ligation and HPC had superiority in terms of rebleeding compared to others (Fig.3).
A total of 216 patients (108 patients in each group) were included in the study and were randomized either to the double band ligation group (group A) or the Single band ligation group (group B) based on table of random numbers.
Optimal non-surgical treatment of haemorrhoids: a comparative analysis of infra-red coagulation, rubber band ligation and injection sclerotherapy.
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(2012) Hemostatic efficacy and clinical outcome of endoscopic treatment of Dieulafoy's lesions: Comparison of endoscopic hemoclip placement and endoscopic band ligation. Gastrointest Endosc 75: 32-38.
Endoscopic band ligations were done in oesophageal variceal patients who were successfully managed, while 5(20%) patients required portosystemic shunt surgeries.
We included consecutive 113 patients, admitted to this department and underwent endoscopic band ligation for oesophageal varices.
According to Bayer [4] Rubber Band Ligation is a safe, cheap and convenient method and can save hundreds of hospitalization days.
SSBT insertion was used in 3 patients, and endoscopic variceal band ligation (EVBL) was performed in 4 of the older patients.
Airtraq laryngoscope for difficult intubation during endoscopic band ligation. Dig Liver Dis 2011; 43:581-582.
A study by Longacre, Imaeda, Garcia-Tsao, and Fraenkel (2008) found patients preferred endoscopic esophageal band ligation treatment over the non-invasive NSBB treatments due to these side effects.