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BANDIT. A man outlawed; one who is said to be under ban.

References in classic literature ?
The bandits whom the abbe keeps in pay and drink have their useful side, have they?
Squire Hawker played both the bigamist and the bandit.
But," cried the bandit, "that is only another way of killing me.
Yes, yes; this is an adventure worthy a place in the varied career of that royal bandit.
As an officer of Don Carlos, I have no more standing than a bandit.
All my riddles, however, revolve round our bandit chief," resumed the priest reflectively.
I've been looking for a good able-bodied bandit like you for years.
He was forced to perceive that he was not walking in the Styx, but in mud, that he was elbowed not by demons, but by thieves; that it was not his soul which was in question, but his life (since he lacked that precious conciliator, which places itself so effectually between the bandit and the honest man--a purse).
haunted by the visible spirit of a noted bandit named Vasquez, who had
Thus, a wounded prince or bandit chief, who is bleeding to death and too faint to move, except to the softest music
It vexes me that a man like that should take a wrong turn and gradually go to the bad, become a bandit, and die on the gallows.
He blinked rapidly as if dazed by the faint light, while his patron, the old bandit, glowered at young Powell from under his beetling brow.