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BANDIT. A man outlawed; one who is said to be under ban.

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Local bandits and Mongolian troops in the service of the Ming dressed as invading Mongols and took advantage of the chaos to plunder the suburbs again in November 1449.
They said that a group of vegetable traders from Liaquatabad was on their way to the New Sabzi Mandi on Superhighway in a pickup when they were intercepted by armed bandits on a motorbike near Jamali Pul.
According to the details, Darakhshan police conducted a raid in Defense Phase II, on a tip off while bandits managed to flee.
Jaycee James Rodriguez was with a group of soldiers of the 45th Infantry Battalion who were conducting search and rescue operations for a kidnapped district engineer when they encountered the bandits in Barangay Tugas.
At the prayer rally, bandits are asked to return stolen livestock for the sake of peace.
Three Abu Sayyaf bandits - one of them among the most wanted gunmen in Basilan - have surrendered to the military in Basilan.
KARACHI -- Two bandits were killed and a citizen lost his life during a dacoity incident in Saddar area of the city on Sunday.
The area police said the bandits ambushed a police patrolling party at Sita Link Road near Khairpur Nathan Shah.
BERWICK Bandits went into last night's Championship League meeting at the Redcar Bears having ridden eight matches and lost eight matches in what so far has been a disappointing season, and were more than desperate to make amends, writes LAWRENCE HEPPELL.
This includes the Camera Media Server API, unique MP4 file formats as well as iOS and Android software libraries - all designed for developers to easily harness and use TomTom Bandits software capabilities.
NETHERLEY, The Nozz4, Sean Keys FC and The Sticky Bandits were the semi-finalists for the Goals Soccer Centre Liverpool South Kia 5's Tournament.
Levies said that they received information that a gang of bandits was looting people on Roghani road.