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Amanda Enterprise provides advanced cloud backup features such as location control, bandwidth throttling, and parallel streams for backups and restores.
Bandwidth throttling allows an administrator to set the maximum percentage of bandwidth that replication will use for data transfer, and if the application supports it, bandwidth throttling can also be set based on the time of day and day of week that the replication takes place.
It includes one terabyte of internal storage, continuous motion detection, network bandwidth throttling, multiple displays for live viewing or playback while recording, and digital zoom on playback.
The software also features bandwidth management capabilities, such as multicasting, bandwidth throttling and distributed caching to enable retailers to optimise their use of network resources.
Automated, encrypted cloud backup: AES-256 encryption, deduplication, bandwidth throttling
Policy-based Bandwidth Throttling between NxTop Center and client hypervisor ensures business critical network traffic can be prioritized over system updates and backups.
Users can control the use of bandwidth by using ZCB's bandwidth throttling option.
Performance counters, bandwidth throttling and event filtering