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Our 2017 Best Bang for the Buck rankings, which are broken down by region, can be found starting on page 48.
The University of Washington ranked in the top spot for "Best Bang for the Buck" and the Evergreen State College came in at number 29.
He says that in the early years, "we typically came in and showed manufacturers how to [improve], and tried to make them self-sufficient." A push into service companies began in the 1990s, and now about 60 percent of clients are in service industries, he says; unlike manufacturers, "they want breakthroughs--they want sales to increase in the next quarter, they want real bang for the buck."
Like other F/A-22 supporters, Bath challenged the contention that the Air Force would get a bigger bang for the buck by buying more F-15s and F- 16s.
Outback models give lots of bang for the buck. Four-cylinder, 2.5-liter models start with the sturdy Sport and move up to the turbocharged 2.5 XT Wagon: each features the signature Subaru Boxer engine.
But at a certain point cleaning tip China's and India's air will give us more bang for the buck. "Think globally, act locally" does not work when it comes to blowing in the wind.
We are in the theater, all the way forward and are providing big bang for the buck.