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And the WBO will be banging the drum for their No 1, American Johnathon Banks, so it will be surprising if the victor in London can keep all three belts for long.
We might expect that Welsh MPs would be banging the drum about modernisation and improvement on the grounds that the Welsh also pay taxes.
Brownsville, Texas native Cuevas started banging the drum at age 11.
The Sault has been banging the drum to promote the city's strategic border location as an underutilized transportation corridor and gateway to the U.S.
And they kept banging the drum that doctors were the root cause of health care inflation.
Neuhaus edits the Christian Capitalist's house journal, First Things, which is busy banging the drum, warning of the end of democracy and flushing out the usual subjects: liberal legislators, feminists, and homosexuals.
For years I have been banging the drum about this scandalous waste of food, thousands of tons of food are dumped everyday and people in the world are starving, it is sheer environmental vandalism.
Brazilian percussionist Claudio Kron had been banging the drum for Latin American music at four Redcar and Cleveland schools in fun weekly sessions.
IT is always good to hear Anne-Marie Trevelyan banging the drum for improvements to the A1 in Northumberland.
The 28-year-old, who scooped gold as an amateur in the Commonwealth Games and was crowned Commonwealth champ as a pro, is banging the drum for Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs' autumn ball on Friday.
BANGING THE DRUM: Barbara Dunne from Midcounties Co-operative and assistant head Andrew Morris with steel band members, from left, Sam Lawton, Thomas Humphries, Ryan Holland and Cameron White