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We might expect that Welsh MPs would be banging the drum about modernisation and improvement on the grounds that the Welsh also pay taxes.
The Sault has been banging the drum to promote the city's strategic border location as an underutilized transportation corridor and gateway to the U.
And they kept banging the drum that doctors were the root cause of health care inflation.
Neuhaus edits the Christian Capitalist's house journal, First Things, which is busy banging the drum, warning of the end of democracy and flushing out the usual subjects: liberal legislators, feminists, and homosexuals.
On the other hand I would have thought the council would have been banging the drum if they had seen basic wages in the area rising above the national average.
The 28-year-old, who scooped gold as an amateur in the Commonwealth Games and was crowned Commonwealth champ as a pro, is banging the drum for Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs' autumn ball on Friday.
T WAS good to see Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the Iregion yesterday, banging the drum for North East tourism.
Namely, Liberal Democrat Coun Dr Wendy Taylor banging the drum in Newcastle for the introduction of a levy on cheap booze to lower the cost of pounds 1.
I cannot believe that, in a time of recession, job losses and scarce public finances, that the Tories are banging the drum of bigotry and intolerance.
With the City Council banging the drum, and trying to get the message over to people about dog fouling and litter, wouldn't you think that they would be leading the way with facilities that were fit for purpose.
SCHOOL pupils in Honley are banging the drum about a new project to combat boredom.
has started banging the drum for a No over the issue of abortion.