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BANKBOOK ,commerce. A book which persons dealing with a bank keep, in which the officers of the bank enter the amount of money deposited by them, and all notes or bills deposited by them, or discounted for their use.

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In cases where bankbooks are stolen, the rules would oblige banks to fully reimburse depositors if the holders of the bankbooks are not at fault.
SIGNE is recognized as a leader in the production of secure documents (such as cheque books, bankbooks, passports and University diplomas), which contribute significantly to fraud prevention in commercial transactions.
25) scored under Dane O'Neill last time and can fill the bankbooks in a wide open handicap.
She was suspected of having withdrawn money from their accounts by using cash cards or bankbooks she borrowed from them when she was working at the bank's branch office in Yokohama's Tsuzuki Ward.
That is why so many of our current coaches--now that they are making the big bucks--have started wearing their hearts on their sleeves and bankbooks.
The police seized about 80 items, including bankbooks, from her home.
1 merger, some of its customers were unable to use their bankbooks at some branches, the officials said.
Customers with bankbooks of the Bank of Kansai will be able to use the same bankbooks after the computer integration.
The introduction of the new account, called ''Bio Security Deposit,'' is designed to prevent stealers of other people's bankbooks, seals or cash cards from withdrawing money, the bank said.
Former DKB customers were unable to use their cash cards or bankbooks at ATMs located at former Fuji Bank branches and vice versa.