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Zillmann's (1978) excitation transfer theory provides a theoretical explanation for the transfer of skepticism toward the website to the brand in the banner ad and to intentions to revisit the website.
The authors' explanation for these results was that incentives and interactivity might have acted as a distraction to the business segment, while animation tended to be perceived more like television when compared to a static banner ad, and attracted attention.
The predominant form of web advertising is banner ads (IAB, 1999b).
Size: Running tiny banner ads is probably not a good way to save money, the report suggests.
Spending money for banner ads can sometimes prove effective.
Part of the decline in the success of banner ads is that the content on which they are placed has become too absorbing - too richly graphic, too hypnotic, too interactive - and plain banner ads can't compete.
A banner ad itself can be a point of sale, without jumping to a linked file.
In other words, even the same banner ad (involuntary exposure) can be presented to the audience in different ways.