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Addressing a delegation of the European Parliament, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat stated that Netanyahu's remarks are similar to statements expressed by Apartheid leaders who founded the Bantustan system in South Africa.
Mental healthcare provision in the Eastern Cape Province is inextricably entwined with the province's colonial past and, in later years, by the introduction of the policy of apartheid and the Bantustans.
Development, literally planned our futures in the Bantustans.
The best way to deal with the conflict is to end the Israeli occupation, allowing Palestinians to have a true state -- not just clusters of Bantustans -- within the 1967 borders, and give full citizenship to Palestinians who live in Israel.
And for Biko, he went on to analyse and intoned that the South African information bureaux throughout the world carried long coverage of activities and pronouncements by Bantustan leaders to highlight the degree of open-mindedness and fair play to be found in South Africa.
The concept of 'grand' apartheid enforced territorial segregation through the system of Bantustans.
He treats the province as his own personal Bantustan and he has no more respect for the rules than he does for the natives.
1) In the 1950s, with legislation such as the 1951 Bantu Authorities Act, the third era began with the Bantustan policies of grand apartheid, wherein the former reserves would become sovereign nation-states.
But my vision of future accelerated demands for the democratization of Greater Israel/Palestine-which present Israeli policies undermining the prospects of a settlement based on the indigenous people's acceptance of a bantustan in 22 percent of their homeland may inadvertently be making way for--remains for treatment in another article.
According to D'Alema, Sharon explained at length that the Bantustan model was the most appropriate solution for the conflict.
The Palestinian Authority accepts a state in 22 percent of Palestine/Israel (the area from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea); Sharon wants a Palestinian Bantustan in 10 percent of that area.
The Clinton-Barak stand (left vague and ambiguous) was hailed here as "remarkable" and "magnanimous," but a look at the facts made it clear that it was -- as commonly described in Israel--a Bantustan proposal.