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Now, following Bapak Ramid, it is only after the skulls have been placed in the selimaat that the 'skull' is no longer just an utak, but a kelelungan.
People like Bapak are massively innovative and really are going places," said Ms Richards, who added that the rewards for investors in seeing the scheme's success stories are both heartening and uplifting.
Dialogue Segment Four Monita: Bonaga cerita kepada saya Monita: Bonaga told me that you've bahwa ia sudah membuat Bapak been disappointed in him that you kecewa sehingga Bapak mau pulang want to go home today.
One cannot say simply *tiga bapak, *tiga ikan, or *tiga buku.
It is a single volume, partitioned to a height of about two metres to provide rooms for Bapak and Ibu Larosa, their youngest children and daughters.
Bapak Pesta can make a swift reappearance pay in the Coral Mobile "Just Three Clicks To Bet" Handicap at Wolverhampton.
PKB chairman Muhaimin Iskandar said, The PKB s central executive board DPP PKB plenary meeting declared Bapak Rusdi Kirana the party s deputy chairman.
Kevin Ryan's Bapak Chinta, a winner at the meeting last year, and Bryan Smart's Prix de l'Abbaye winner Tangerine Trees are also engaged.
Caspar Netscher is thoroughly reliable and will run his race, but he might not quite be Group One class, while Bapak Chinta has been off for over 100 days, which is slightly concerning.
Coolmore Nunthorpe Stakes - Betfred bet: 7/2 Hoof It, 11/2 Bapak Cinta, 6 Bated Breath, Sole Power, 8 Masamah, Requinto, 9 Prohibit, 10 Masamah, 14 Best Terms, Wizz Kid, 16 Inexile, 20 Captain Dunne, Kingsgate Native, 25 Hamish McGonagall, Invincible Ash, 33 bar.
It is also common to use Bapak (literally 'father') or Ibu (literally 'mother) to mean 'I', in a formal situation, or when an older person is speaking to a child.
Further afield, several notable Southeast Asians with NBD connections were lost to the world in 2007-8, notably ex-President Haji Mohamed Suharto of Indonesia and his foreign minister, Bapak Ali Alatas.