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Principal validation comes (literally) from a 'nod' by the bapak without further scrutiny and critique of the usage or possible shortcomings of the term.
Perindustrian Bapak Djenggot continued to lead sales in 2014 through its RTD brand Mix Max, which comes in two types of vodka-based and wine-based variants, and its latest addition Black Jack of whisky-based RTD.
Kevin Ryan's Bapak Chinta, winner of the Norfolk Stakes, will be having his first outing since a disappointing effort in the Middle Park.
Kevin Ryan''s Bapak Pintar was placed in three maidens in the summer and makes his debut in open company in the skysports.
The new facilities were officially unveiled at an opening ceremony by Bapak Hatta Rajasa, coordinating minister for economic affairs, in front of distinguished guests and the Unilever board of directors.
She was taken by Bapak Mahmad's idea to transform discarded coconut shells into a viable fuel source.
23) The gamelan at Dirjodipuran is on loan from Bapak Subono, a teacher at STSI (the Indonesian Academy of Arts) and a puppeteer, who is also engaged in church activities.
Dialogue Segment One Bonaga: Oke, aku tau bapak marah Bonaga: Fine, I know you're upset sama aku, tapi jangan diam seperti with me, but do not keep in itu, bicaralah
Whether bapak listen or agree with our opinion is secondary.
Further afield, several notable Southeast Asians with NBD connections were lost to the world in 2007-8, notably ex-President Haji Mohamed Suharto of Indonesia and his foreign minister, Bapak Ali Alatas.
The bapak (headman) of this village, perhaps sensing opportunity, has chosen to plant coffee trees where Pelsart was planning to bulldoze.