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Baptism of blood was the one of persons who were martyred for committing themselves to Christ, even though they had not yet been baptized-such as the catechumens, who in the early Christian centuries had to go through a long instruction period before being baptized.
Leading the charge was JACL leader Mike Masaoka, who exhorted that "in a baptism of blood," Japanese Americans must prove their loyalty through military service.
Now what is emphasized is that the plethora of experiences linked to becoming a Christian involves a coherent, self-consistent event: water baptism as an act of cleansing and reception into the community of those who, from Antioch on, have been called "Christians"; baptism in the Spirit, opening up previously suppressed or other* wise polarized areas of the mind for penetration by the Spirit of God; the baptism of illumination, the source of a knowledge of God which would finally break up the ancient polytheistic pantheon; and soon, in addition to and surpassing all of these, the baptism of blood -- that is, the surrender of one's life, martyrdom for the sake of belonging to Christ.