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The Scheme (London: SPCK/Epworth Press, 1968), deals with "The Problem of Baptismal Regeneration.
And yet, perhaps unintentionally, Craig gives plentiful evidence of Medley's partisan baiting: he disparaged the theology of Low-Church Anglicans as "rationalism" (87), their liturgical tastes as "cold worldliness" (128), their opposition to ritualism as "malevolent suspicion" and worse (137), their taste for simple decoration as "marvelous infatuation" (109), their rejection of baptismal regeneration as "infidelity" (115), their arguments against other opinions as intolerance, their understanding of the Eucharist as wrongheaded, their opposition to the Athanasian Creed as mischievous, and their opposition to the episcopal veto in synods as "ignorance and intolerable suspicion" (162).
He himself does not believe in baptismal regeneration.
The group acknowledged there are many problems unresolved by the statement such as baptismal regeneration, the normative status of justification in relation to all Christian doctrine, diverse understandings of merit and reward, and the possibility of salvation for those who have not been evangelized.