Bar fee

BAR FEE, Eng. law. A fee taken time out of mind by the sheriff for every prisoner who is acquitted. Bac. Ab. Extortion.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He served as chairman of the Utah State Bar Fee Arbitration Committee as well as chairman of the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee for the Utah State Bar.
The email from the Bar arrived with "Official Notice: Your Florida Bar Fee Statement" in the subject line.
The "Bar fees" article focused primarily on the legal debate surrounding the petition, but did include a quote from Raul Cantero, who represented the Bar fee petitioners before the Supreme Court, which explained that a lack of funding for legal aid will mean that more people will lose their homes and fewer people will be able to access government benefits.
Bar President Jesse Diner said the Bar fee language was inserted during budget wrangling in the session's last days.
Also, in the April 15 paper, a story on the board approving a no new Bar fees budget incorrectly reported the current annual Bar fee as $275.
* Clarifying the Bar fee arbitration rule that allows during the Bar's grievance intake process for complaints against lawyers to be referred, when appropriate, to the Bar's fee arbitration process, and conforms Bar fee arbitration procedures to those of the Bar's grievance mediation program.
This is not a good use of Bar fees or other revenues, which should be directed to more needy programs.
Of those, bar fees range from $250 in West Virginia to $660 in Alaska.
Sorry, I don't agree with the notion to raise Florida Bar fees to assist in funding indigent legal services.
As a member of The Florida Bar for going on 35 years with no disciplinary history whatsoever, I am appalled that disciplinary costs start at only $1,250; instead of thinking about raising my Bar fees to subsidize enforcement of our rules against those who continually ride the ethical and legal fencerow, start those costs at $5,000.
We ought not raise Florida Bar fees one more penny.
Further, I was unaware that $25 of our Bar fees go toward the fund's budget.