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11] defined the lithofacies of Bara Formation from Lakhi Rang and concluded that the sediments of Bara Formation are submature to mature from Ranikot locality.
Also, the traders whose shops and businesses were destroyed need to be compensated by the government," said Yar Asghar Afridi, President of the Traders Association of Bara.
Another prominent thrust (Tazikhel Thrust) trending NE joins the Bara Thrust from the SW parts of mapped area forming a thrust wedge comprising Samana Suk Formation.
We thoroughly enjoyed the filming experience because Phil was so funny and he made two lovely bara briths with me.
Checkpost attacked: One security personnel was killed and two others injured when militants attacked a security check post in Bara tehsil in Khyber Agency on Friday, a private TV reported.
Mae BARA yn cefnogi cyn-droseddwyr wrth iddynt geisio ail-ymgartrefu yn eu cymunedau yn ngogledd Cymru, gan gynnig cymorth gyda phroblemau fel canfod llety neu ddelio gyda chamddefnydd alcohol neu gyffuriau erail, yn ogystal rhoi anogaeth gyda gwaith, addysg a hamdden.
And today, Bara and her daughter live in a big white house in North Hills.
The new furnace is used "where higher flow rates, accuracy and quality control are required," said Bara.
Prior to joining XenSource, Bara served as senior vice president of marketing at Interwoven where he was responsible for creating and overseeing all marketing programs.
Situated mostly in the lap of Besai Ghar on border with Shahkas area, all these units were shut down immediately after the start of military operations in September 2009 in most parts of Bara.
Gwn fod raid i Rita a'i gwr fod ar eu traed tua tri y bore er mwyn sicrhau y cawn ni ein bara beunyddiol, a byddaf yn dragwyddol ddiolchgar iddi.
PESHAWAR -- Students belonging to Khyber Tribal Agency staged a protest outside the Peshawar Press Club on Thursday to demand early provision of scholarships and other facilities to educational institutions in Bara tehsil of the tribal region.