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Narcotics and such barbituates as morphine, codeine and anabolic steroids must still be prescribed only by doctors.
Intended to serve as a quick resource for information about the pharmacology of drugs encountered during anesthesia and to the physiologic responses that impact anesthetics, this guide covers inhaled anesthetics, opiod agonists and antagonists, barbituates, local anesthetics, neuromuscular blocking drugs, digitalis and related drugs, calcium channel blockers, and anti-hypertensive drugs, among others, as well as cell structure and function, body fluids, autonomic nervous systems, pain, acid-base balance, and metabolism, among other topics.
Amphetamines, barbituates, benzodiazepenes, and other "mother's little helpers" have long been used to improve the moods of healthy people.
Alcohol, opiates, barbituates, and crack cocaine are not currently used within this community.