Bargaining Agent

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Bargaining Agent

A union that possesses the sole authority to act on behalf of all the employees of a particular type in a company.

A bargaining agent is certified by the national labor relations board (NLRB) as the exclusive representative of a certain type of employee. The International Garment Workers Union, for example, might act as the bargaining agent for all seamstresses employed at a particular dress factory.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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At the request of the USWA, participation in this meeting is limited to the International Union bargaining agents and Corporate representatives.
In order to better manage employee illness, the Government, working closely with bargaining agents, intends to overhaul the current disability management system, which has remained virtually unchanged for the past 40 years.
The Government is looking forward to working with stakeholders and bargaining agents to introduce, for the first time, a short-term disability program to support employees through illness.
6 /PRNewswire/ -- A new survey among nurses working in trade union, nonunion, and state nurses association (SNA) union settings found that nurses represented by SNAs as collective bargaining agents are significantly more satisfied with most aspects of their jobs, according to a research study announced by the American Nurses Association.