Bargaining Agent

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Bargaining Agent

A union that possesses the sole authority to act on behalf of all the employees of a particular type in a company.

A bargaining agent is certified by the national labor relations board (NLRB) as the exclusive representative of a certain type of employee. The International Garment Workers Union, for example, might act as the bargaining agent for all seamstresses employed at a particular dress factory.


Labor Law; Labor Union.

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In Mounted Police, the Court leaves the door open for laws that effectively deny workers the right to choose their bargaining agent.
At a meeting between management and bargaining agents for the workers, the Civil Service Association (CSA) demanded that workers be awarded their severance pay in full before any of the workers are sent home.
Medical plans serve, effectively, as the bargaining agents for large groups of consumers; they use the clout of their consumer base to drive down health care service fees .
None of the employees are represented by unions or bargaining agents.