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BARGEMEN. Persons who own and keep a barge for the purpose of carrying the goods of all. such other persons who may desire to employ them. They are liable as common, carriers. Story, Bailm. 496.

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The exhibition will next move to Bargemen Museum in Berlin, Germany, scheduled to be opened in January 2012.
55,000 to about 15,000; aside from many Europeans there were African infantry and "light horse"; and archers and bargemen from West Asia (for example, Palmyra [Syria] and Arbeia [Arabia]).
19) Additionally, Henslowe's records identify two bargemen who moved the timber to a point where it was carted to the building site.
In one of the previous scenes where we saw Emily identifying with Britannia, Emily leaned on the desk of a ship listening to the sounds around her, from the voices of sailors and bargemen, to the voice of a dead-poet conjured through quotation.
Midshipmen were notorious in the Royal Navy during these times for eating everything that moved, including ships' weevils, nicknamed bargemen, and bilge rats, called "millers".
that him did beare / With crooked crawling steps an vncouth pase, / And backward yode [went], as Bargemen wont to fare / Bending their force contrary to their face, / Like that vngracious crew which faines demurest grace" (7.
In any case, chimneysweeps, bargemen, and draymen, for example, do not leave Bloom with an optimistic picture for career moves or for opportunities to canvass ads.
Eventually, Arebia became an important naval base, with the Tigris bargemen part of the garrison, who would have patrolled the North East coast.