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BARLEYCORN. A lineal measure, containing one-third of an inch. Dane's Ab. c. 211, a. 13, s. 9. The barleycorn was the first measure, with its division and multiples, of all our measures of length, superfices, and capacity. Id. c. 211, a. 1 2, s. 2.

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He is the author of 'John Barleycorn Must Die: The War Against Drink in Arkansas," published by the University of Arkansas Press in 2005.
Anger: Barleycorn protesters Jessica Hogan (front standing) with Abigail Lewis-Evans (kneeling) her daughter Lilli, aged four, Saul Standen aged two (right) and other campaigners.
It was March 18, 2004 and a few nights before I'd been on a night out with my best mates at the John Barleycorn pub in Warminster, Wilts, enjoying a natter and sipping vodka and Red Bull.
In it, a warlock called Gildas is saved from execution by a squire and his companion, Cuthbert Barleycorn.
The company now produces five varieties of Steelhead and Jamaica brand ales, along with John Barleycorn barley wine.
Speciality flour miller, Doves Farm Foods, introduces two new home baking concepts, Wessex Brown Flour and Barleycorn Bread Flour.
Synthesizing readings of the gender and class relationships in Martin Eden and John Barleycorn with two biographies--one by London's daughter Joan and the other by Irving Stone--Glass analyzes London's cultivation of a masculine persona and his tendency to cast literary work as physical labor against the backdrop of his struggles with both literary and biological legitimacy.
Rob Horlock, 4 Barleycorn Walk, Cadnam, Hampshire UK S040 2LY.
ROB HORLOCK, 4 Barleycorn Walk, Cadnam, Hampshire SO40 2LY e-mail: rob@20thcenturymemories.
NEW LIFE: Fred Swancutt in the Aboriginal community, above, with friends outside the Barleycorn, Smethwick, in 1972, below right, and with Jenny, below left; LET US KNOW; Do YOU have an interesting story to tell?
It is the photographs that point to the story the text leaves untold: a picture of Bessie Smith, "murdered by John Barleycorn and Jim Crow" as Val reminds us, of cotton gins and black workers, of the Delta floods.
Which turns out to be fine because the singer and keyboardist who fused Celtic folk, blues and American r&b in such beloved Traffic efforts as ``John Barleycorn Must Die'' and ``Mr.