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"This joint effort with Ameritech and Mantiss is a significant step towards providing our sophisticated customer base with best of class DSL service and exceptional customer care," said John Barnicle, chief operating officer of Focal.
One of the riskier decisions was NBC's choice of Mike Barnicle, fired by the Boston Globe last year for fabricating characters for his column, to be its official Kennedy commentator.
I was disturbed by a photo of captive Barnicle Geese, evidently some of the birds used in research.
"The Battle of the Bulgers" is a drama about family loyalty set against a backdrop of politics and crime, based on a George magazine article by Peter Maas with Mike Barnicle.
In New York, former Boston Globe columnist Mike Barnicle has been hired to write a column for the Sunday Daily News.
Dos ilustres columnistas de Estados Unidos, Patricia Smith y Mike Barnicle, de The Boston Globe, andan en la picota por inventarse las citas para que el articulo les cuadrase mejor.
* The Lomax/Hurston/Barnicle Expedition, 1935, is a collaboration among John Lomax's son Alan, author-anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston, and folklorist Mary Elizabeth Barnicle to document African-American music and lore in Georgia, Florida, and the Bahamas.
A recent Mike Barnicle column in The Boston Globe tells the story of a priest, on leave of absence from the active ministry, who telephoned the cardinal to inform him that he had AIDS.
"What is Aleppo?" Johnson asked incredulous host Mike Barnicle.
On Saturday music lovers enjoyed performances in Sefton Park from Charlotte Lynch, Scarlet, David Barnicle, SheBeat, Joe Kelly and Emilio Pinchi.
Steven Small sang beautifully and emotionally in the part of Jesus; and Stephen Barnicle as Pontius Pilate, Pamela Mindell (the conductor of the Children's Chorus) as Ancilla, Kirk Bobkowski as Peter and bass-baritone, Thomas Jones, were all equally fine in their respective roles.
Then in 1998, there was the case of Michael Barnicle of the Boston Globe, a veteran columnist who should have known better than to do what he did -- plagiarize segments from Brain Droppings, a book by the popular satrist and stand up comic George Carlin.