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I, meanwhile, resolved to learn more about barometers.
After these barometers are built, have your students mark the position of the barometer needle several times during the day-at the same time every day.
come rain or shine AMONG the country''s leading specialist dealers in barometers are Derek and Tina Rayment, from Malpas, Cheshire, who will be exhibiting at Spring Tatton Park antiques fair, Knutsford.
Most common barometers use "inches of mercury" as a unit of measure.
Although real estate is largely a lagging indicator, there are market barometers that nevertheless influence real estate conditions.
Dear Editor, - The EU fanatics say our barometers are dangerous.
Well, barometers, in all shapes, forms and sizes, are collectable and range in value from a few pounds to a thousand or more.
The Barometers Forum editor, Christina Stewart, offered yet another apology for letting the offending article appear.
Some barometers are made from mahogany, others from rosewood, and a standard one from the mid- to late-19th Century is always going to be worth between pounds 500 and pounds 1,000.
Rather, the barometers are gauges of the economic incentives for investing in CDOs backed by different types of collateral (further explanation is provided in the methodology sections for each barometer).
This is the principle behind the early "stick" barometers where the level is read near the top of the tube against a register plate.