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Efforts to resolve the challenges posed by the female condom will offer the best chance to realize its potential as a female-initiated barrier method and lay the groundwork for the promotion of other female-initiated barrier methods for HIV prevention, such as microbicides and the diaphragm, once they are demonstrated efficacious.
The majority of the reported use is in combination with a physical barrier method, such as the diaphragm or cervical cap.
Because this method does not require continuous use over long periods of time but rather is used only in conjunction with occasions of sexual intercourse, women and couples have the option of alternating between this and other barrier methods (e.
Research is also needed on the feasibility of improving health care practitioners' knowledge, attitudes and skills in providing barrier methods for disease prevention.
Only 1% of this age-group were relying on long-acting methods; most had been using less-reliable methods--withdrawal, periodic abstinence or other barrier methods (8%, 5% and 4%, respectively-not shown).
Female-controlled mechanical barrier methods have not been widely used or accepted.
Managing men: women's dilemmas about overt and covert use of barrier methods for HIV prevention.
In addition, couples should be advised that correct and consistent use of barrier methods against infection, such as condoms, reduces the risk for other sexually transmitted infections.
CONCLUSIONS: Findings suggest that female condoms empower women to initiate barrier method use, and that programs designed to educate potential users about female condoms and familiarize them with the method may be useful.
There is a critical need for sexual and reproductive health rights to be rolled out at clinics and schools, to include increased access to HIV counselling and testing, barrier methods to prevent transmission, and family planning.
Our survey also asked questions on other methods used to prevent GWSS infestations and plant loss, including barrier methods to prevent the entry of GWSS (or otherwise manage GWSS) and the inspections of traps installed by CDFA.
And those who are willing for next conception, options given to adopt IUCD insertion or oral pill consumption or adoption of barrier methods.