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Besides contraceptive protection, barrier methods such as condoms and spermicides also offer protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIS).
A spermicide-releasing diaphragm is being tested, along with other barrier methods.
Similarly, HAART users and women who did not want more children had elevated odds of having used barrier methods (3.
New barrier methods being evaluated include a one-size silicone diaphragm that would not require individual fitting and a more comfortable female condom.
Her research interests include gender differences in HIV risk factors among adolescents, female-controlled barrier methods, STI treatment, and the role of SYIs in HIV infection.
She said: "Students are taking a chance when it comes to birth control because rather than using a continuous method, then doubling up with a condom for new partners, they're relying on barrier methods, the morning-after pill, or nothing at all.
2) Training materials on dual protection, barrier methods, and how to integrate these topics into family planning counseling have been developed and used to train service delivery providers in nine provinces.
Another benefit DuPont and other companies are addressing is allergy relief, primarily through barrier methods that prevent dust mites and their waste from passing through the fabric.
For example, one of the points is: "At the moment, the barrier methods of contraception do not appear to place people's health at risk.
Now, barrier methods excepted, he was taking aim at birth control.
Reality appears to be as effective as other barrier methods currently in use," Pearson argued.
There are a number of new options now available, from barrier methods to hormones and new intrauterine devices or IUDs.