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BARTON, old English law. The demesne land of a manor; a farm distinct from the mansion.

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FIRM HAND: That's where Tony Pulis comes in, not even Joey Barton would lock horns with the Baggies boss.
Barton's latest tale came under scrutiny by Warren Throckmorton, a psychology professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania and a frequent Barton critic.
The purchase will allow the renowned Reed & Barton brand to continue to build on its 190-year-old legacy of superior design and craftsmanship.
LIFETIME BRANDS HAS ENTERED INTO AN asset purchase agreement to acquire Reed & Barton, the 190-year-old maker of sterling silver and stainless-steel flatware and giftware that recently filed for bankruptcy protection.
FLEETWOOD want QPR midfielder Joey Barton to play for them in a friendly on Friday night.
FOOTBALL bad boy Joey Barton was "given a hiding" in a 5.
QPR midfielder Joey Barton has been banned for 12 matches after his behaviour against Manchester City on the final day of the Premier League season "tarnished the image of football".
Barton keyed the Shepherd Hill defense and helped the Rams to a Central Mass.
Barton left Tyneside a fortnight ago after making public his annoyance about Toon's refusal to give him a new contract but his temper tantrum at Blackpool at the end of last season, which alienated him from many of his team-mates, started the rot.
From Twitter Follow The Journal on Twitter @TheJournalNews A Joey Barton leaving special @DolphinHotel (Michael Hudson) Barton arguably the best English midfielder in the league last season but an expensive liability for the 3 seasons before.
Barton, a regional retailer and wholesaler of building materials, made the move because of the "changing retail building material landscape," according to a Meek's news release issued last week.