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BARTON, old English law. The demesne land of a manor; a farm distinct from the mansion.

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She shared a secretly recorded phone conversation she had with Barton in 2015 in which he warned her against using the explicit materials "in a way that would negatively affect my career.
Cindy Barton, being an excellent student, received her Juris Doctorate from S.
On Friday, Barton, 31, testified that she was "terrified" of Spaw because she believes he has been stalking her.
Barton has recently joined the Maryville College Class of 2016 Board of Directors, where Barton and his distinguished colleagues serve for the betterment and continual growth of the college and its students.
Cllr's Barton's brother, David Charles Barton, also of Oxford Road, faces a single charge of money laundering.
JOEY BARTON loves being the centre of attention but his ears would've been ringing yesterday morning.
Forget about Golovkin v Brook at the O2, Brown v Barton was the big one.
REED & BARTON STEPS INTO THE SPOTLIGHT AT THE TABLETOP SHOW THIS month, where its new parent, Lenox, believes the underappreciated silver company will shine.
Here are some reasons why Albion WOULD benefit from Barton.
David Barton, a Religious Right pseudo-historian and "Christian nation" advocate, recently claimed that he did a stint as a translator for the Russian National Gymnastics Team in 1976, but his assertion has been called into question by one of his most prominent critics.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2015-Lenox Closes Acquisition of US Silversmith Maker Reed and Barton
FLEETWOOD want QPR midfielder Joey Barton to play for them in a friendly on Friday night.