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It should be noted that the fibroblasts and fibrocytes localized paraepithelially were singly determined, therefore, their influence on the preservation of the basal membrane structure of the epithelium of foveae and glands appeared to be minimal.
Additionally, the basal membranes of the glandular structures were discontinuous and indistinct.
These are further characterized by deep extensive basal membrane infoldings associated with many mitochondria that apparently play a role in removing excess salts from the hemolymph.
Fibrinoid structure of the stroma, basal membrane of amnion and chorionic villi with mild collagenization.
Research has shown that any damage to the basal layer of the epidermis and the entire area of the basal membrane (e.
Signs of chronic inflammation--such as edema, lymphocytic infiltrates, and basal membrane thickening--were all well evident in our case.
In addition, thinned tubule wall along with basal membrane were established to be separated from the tubule wall (Figure 3b, c).
Basal membrane was present at the junction of stroma and urothelium.
We have demonstrated that the distribution of mucous alveoli is greater than serous acini, which are mainly located at the basal membrane of acinic cells.
Peculiarity of the structure of the brain capillaries with their continuous tight junctions, the presence of thick basal membrane of these capillaries with well-developed layer of pericytes adjacent to it, and also surrounding of basal membrane by astrocytes pedicles appear as reliable barrier to fluid filtration from the lumen of capillaries.