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74,75) Chronic deciduitis can be defined by the extent of chronic inflammation, and the presence of plasma cells, within the basal plate (Figure 38).
The ctenii lie close to each other at the scale basal plate and do not separate even if there is a shallow slit between the ctenial and scale base (e.
In the basal plate there was dystrophy of decidual cells with multiple necrosis and extensive fibrinoid deposits (Figure 2).
The marked indentations of the chorionic plate do not reach the basal plate, which is well defined by small linear highly reflective areas.
Make three V-shaped cuts into the basal plate of the bulb, so there are six equal wedge shapes.
You will find them underneath the basal plate of the bulb, and they can be detached and sown into a decent compost, such as John Innes No.
An increase in oxygen at the basal plate (where the roots emerge) causes early root growth and can lead to rot if cloves are not in the ground.
I accidentally dug up some bulbs of 'Tete-a-tete' the other day when weeding and fat white roots were already appearing from the basal plate.
Using a spading fork, carefully dig up and separate clumps into individual bulbs; each new bulb should include a piece of basal plate - the area from which new roots grow.
album dry leaf biomass managed the basal plate rot disease of onion to variable extents.