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The ctenii lie close to each other at the scale basal plate and do not separate even if there is a shallow slit between the ctenial and scale base (e.
The ridge is tied to its basal plate by narrow bands (Fig.
Garlic cloves should be planted pointed tip up, basal plate down, with the top of the bulb 1" - 2" below the soil in mild climates and 2" - 4" deep in cold weather areas.
8 is the base + crown length along the longer axis of the unit), more complex, suboval ossicles that bear many teeth on a very porous basal plate (Fig.
Thumbtack prickles are all very small (diameter of the basal plate 0.
The configuration of the basal plate is irregularly quadrangular, oval or roundish.
The basal plate bends on each side to form the most lateral spines (Fig.
6, 6a): Basal plate of uncus deeply incised at middle, with ovate lateral lobes; lateral margin slightly emarginate medially.
The Lepidaspis tesserae have one serrated ridge on each basal plate and two or more ridges per basal plate on the tail (Dineley & Loeffler 1976), while in Oniscolepis usually the tesserae and scales are multi-ridged.
There are nevertheless several important differences, which also suggest that the jaw apparatus of Kajoprion belongs to labidognath type: (1) symmetrical right and left MII with the ramus and denticulated shank, (2) presence of a prominent inner wing in the left MI, (3) presence of the subtriangular outer wing in the left MI, and the ramus and bight in the right MI, suggesting the existence of the basal plate, and (4) myocoele openings that are slightly enclosed (Figs 1, 2).