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The BASAR consists of some renowned scholars and educationist of the country.
Moonis Khan saved an old man from a railway accident, while Ipi Basar saved two lives in a fire incident.
The Noor Dubai and Al Basar teams worked two six-hour shifts daily between March 12 -- 26 camp, completing 1000 surgeries with range of 100 surgeries everyday and screening 11000 patient, where they received medication and an additional 3000 were given prescription eyeglasses from Noor Dubai.
Mature Cow: 1 T & A Hodge, Cleevale Charles Mania, 2 E Moffitt & Son, Ansa Basar Linda, 3 EC Spence & Sons, Linlake Rudolph Tina.
P3 consists of delta and theta oscillations with a higher proportion of delta oscillations from the posterior regions of the brain, and theta occurring in the frontal and central regions (Yordanova and Kolev 1996; Basar et al.
Simla Basar (Germany) - Occurrence of Iridoids in Noni Fruits and their Fate in the Body.
Limited Tenders are invited for Arm Of Non Resi Buildings At Bhq Basar (Elect Supply)
The car used in the crime was found abandoned near temple town of Basar.
The camp which received support from the government authorities in Yemen as well as a team of medical Yemeni doctors and Optometrists, was in collaboration with Al Basar Foundation for logistic support.
Organized and to be led by London-based writer Shumon Basar, writers, curators, journalists and critics are discussing various elements of media and art and the confluence of the two in our world today.
More recently, Altay and Basar [33] have defined the spaces BS, BS (t), [CS.
Renowned broadcaster and the Ex-Director of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Noorul Basar Naveed was honoured with Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in the field of literature and because of being abroad, his award was received by his son Shah Mansoor.