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An additional five sites should be analyzed where natural aggregates were used as base course for comparison.
The thickness and materials of every pavement structure were chosen according to the reference pavement structure which was built from asphalt surface layer 0/11 S-V (AC 11 VS); asphalt binder course 0/16-A (AC 16 AS); asphalt base course 0/32-C (AC 32 PS); base course--crushed dolomite 0/56; frost blanket course--sand 0/11 (Fig.
Development of a Rational and Practical Mix Design System for Full Depth Reclamation (FDR): Full depth reclamation is an asphalt pavement recycling technique in which the asphalt layer and part of the unbound sub-layer are processed in place and then put down as a stabilized base course.
HOUSTON -- Kraton Polymers LLC (Kraton), a leading global producer of engineered polymers, is at the forefront of a pioneering new solution to improve long-term pavement performance using cost-effective SBS base course modification.
Tenders are invited for Cuttirg in earth work, passing places R/Wall, B/wall CO work, Sub base course, base course, MT, C/o U-Shape drain and

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