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How the Global LTE Base Station Market 2013-2018: The Next Generation Infrastructure for 4G Mobile Telecommunications report can benefit you Visiongain's report is for anyone requiring analysis of the LTE base station industry and market.
Table 14: Latin America Base Station Infrastructure Contracts 2010 65
Exhibit 5: Global Base Station Infrastructure Contracts by OEM, Q4 2008
TI continues to provide products that meet 3G base station manufacturers' growing need for flexible, higher performance and lower power analog parts," said Mike Walker, manager of TI's high speed DAC group.
With the Sansa Base Station always charged, you can extend the usage of your Sansa player into your living room, enjoy your favorite digital music on your home audio system and control your player wirelessly with the compact infrared remote.
AirNet will now have approximately 50 employees, and will focus its sales and marketing efforts on near term opportunities to sell pre-existing inventory and the portable RapidCell base station with iBSS software.
Base station designs, based on cost, performance and physical size, are being driven by the current needs of service providers.
I have been operating my GSM network using the Anywave base station product for almost one year and have seen significant advantages in the software radio approach," said Toney Prather, CEO of Mid Tex Cellular.
When each new cell station is added, existing base station antennas need to be continually re-positioned to avoid interference.
Offering both base station and subscriber station system-on-chips (SoCs), Sequans offers equipment manufacturers an all-in-one solution, including full MAC and PHY functionality, enabling them to build the complete range of WiMAX network components: high-end and pico base stations, outdoor and indoor subscriber terminals, home gateways, and mobile devices.
Together with Telsima "D+E->DualMode" base stations TRUFLE[TM] enables operators to offer basic mobility services based on WiMAX today, with a clear migration path to 802.