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STATION, civil law. A place where ships may ride in safety. Dig. 49, 12, 1, 13; id. 50, 15, 59.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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To obtain these results, the power consumption for the macrocell, microcell, and femtocell base station is determined by using Eqs.
These challenges include non-line-ofsight and multi-path propagation of radio waves, the near-far effect in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) based third generation networks [12], base station density (or lack thereof) and accuracy of base station locations [13], optimisations for network capacity, and the unsynchronised nature of Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) type networks [14].
The inspection of the base stations was carried out by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works on a tip-off from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office.
* WSDA-Base-104 USB Base Station: The current USB base station has been renamed the 104.
Key selling points for this enhanced VNL WorldGSM are: the ease with which the base stations can be put in place - in less than half a day, according to VNL; the ability of the Boston-Power lithium- ion battery to function in extreme climates, avoiding the need for air-conditioning or shelter; and three-day energy storage capability tomake it through cloudy periods.
"We have applied to the City of Windhoek following the normal procedures and permission was granted to go ahead with the erection of the base station," he said.
The researchers compared data on how close the children's birth addresses were to a mobile phone base station, with the same data on children selected as controls.
NEC Corporation recently expanded UQ Communications' WiMAX service with NEC's base stations.
The cost of the Altai A8 Super Wi-Fi Base Station was not disclosed.
The RRE-equipped base stations will account for about half of the initial LTE base stations when DOCOMO becomes one of world's first operators to launch an LTE service in December 2010.
LifeTag base station uses power provided from the SeaTalk network.
This is a highly emotive subject and can cause real distress to people living near base stations. In fact, the established science on this subject is extremely reassuring.