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exposure and CRM/RWA-related details for different Basel asset classes in a single location,
At Art Basel Miami Beach, the culture and lifestyle of Miami Beach reflects a strong Latin American influence, and its tropical flair is particularly present outside the halls.
As banks focus on implementation, corporate treasurers are keen to understand how Basel III will affect their businesses.
Following an announcement made on 12 September by the Basel Committee whereby capital and liquidity required by banks would significantly increase, this has attracted widespread interest around the world and maps an agreed strategy for the sector for the next ten years.
Our inclusion in the Al Basel Group provides us access to an established regional brand and flexibility to explore new markets.
Fact is, regulators, legislators, and even bankers themselves feel an increasing sense of urgency regarding Basel II, if for no other reason than there are so many other pressing issues requiring attention--issues which the delay of Basel II implementation in the United States has effectively blocked.
In the US, only the largest banks will need to adopt Basel II, and the vast majority will be under a modified version of Basel I called Basel IA.
Hans Holbein der Jungere: Die Jahre in Basel 1515-1532" (Hans Holbein the Younger: The Years in Basel 1515-1532) will be on view at the Kunstmuseum Basel, Apr.
implementation of the European Union's Capital Requirements Directive (CRD), which is closely linked to Basel II.
Address for correspondence: Stefano Bassetti, Division of Infectious Diseases, University Hospital Basel, CH-4031 Basel, Switzerland; fax: 41-61-265-3198; email: sbassetti@uhbs.
The new rules, known as Basel 2, require banks operating internationally to have capital equal to 8 percent of outstanding loans and other risk-weighted assets, the same level as under the exiting regulations, but Basel 2 calls for, among other things, stiffening assessment of risks involved in lending to borrowers.
According to Jim Puckett, who cofounded and coordinates the nonprofit Basel Action Network (BAN) in Seattle, Washington, criminals can easily bypass the Basel Convention's barriers.