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The equation predicts in fact that, ceteris paribus, an increase in real terms in the level of federal expenditure on basic research will be matched one for one by an increase in private expenditure in this area,(9) suggesting that the effects of knowledge spillovers from federal spending on basic research significantly outweigh any negative effects that such spending might have through raising the cost of R & D inputs.
It is to a taxpayer's advantage to treat payments as basic research payments rather than contract research expenses, because only 65% of the contract research payments are eligible for the credit.
He identified five key fields where the Defense Department should be investing its basic research dollars: nanotechnology biotechnology, information technology, neuroscience and quantum mechanics.
While there are fluctuations in the data on industrial support of R&D, there are two factors that appear to have had an influence on the basic research component.
We need to resurrect it and can start by offering enhanced R & D tax credits for basic research.
The bottom line in that disparity is this: Members of Congress find it much easier to understand and fund research into disease prevention than to understand and fund basic research that could ultimately result in greater energy efficiency or a more evasive fighter jet.
Basic research may include the development of new tools to expand the capacity of clinically oriented research.
Europe faces a clear challenge in improving levels of creativity and excellence regarding basic research in a context of global competition.
The overall consensus was that there is a problem facing the future of basic research in telecommunications because of inadequate support and increasing emphasis on short-term applications.
Whether measured in macroeconomic productivity gains or in the new drugs, computing power, or communications tools basic research made possible, the overall benefits of R&D over the past half century have been large.
Basic research provides the foundation for the technologies that have the broadest and most significant impact on military capability.

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