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Studies of the prosody of (mainly acted) basic emotions have shown that expressions of sadness tend to be produced with a relatively low pitch and slow speaking rate, whereas expressions of anger and happiness tend to be produced with a moderate or high mean pitch and fast speaking rate.
At ages 3 to 3; 5 years, participants successfully identified fear and anger, and by the age of 3;5 years all five basic emotions were identified successfully.
Our instrument was the Basic Emotions State Test (BEST--Vitterso, Oelman & Wang, 2009).
Ekman (1992, 1993), known for decades of facial expression and emotion research, has made a case for the existence of basic emotions (e.
This is a truly gothic work; like the genre's best literary or filmic practitioners, Shaw adopts the formal conventions (claustrophobia, shadows, scale, even the play of surfaces that Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick has identified as central to the gothic) to speak of disintegrating histories and taboos, triggering our basic emotions and fears to subvert the possibility of a passive response.
Approaching versus withdrawing is fundamental in terms of action plans associated with all basic emotions (Ekman, 1992).
For each child in the experimental group, emotion recognition instruction began with picture stimuli of basic emotions (e.
If what is said about Nietzsche, Darwin, science, and truth is insufficient to support such a claim, what Faas envisions is clear: instead of treating "beauty in nature and art as well as artistic creativity as primarily spiritual phenomena in which sensual, let alone sexual factors, have little room," the bioevolutionary aesthetics envisioned should concern itself "with the full cognitive spectrum from sensation, perception, conceptualization, and thought to the basic emotions, pain, and sexuality.
Since one of the basic emotions must dominate a work of art to create aesthetic unity, various strategies for resolving oppositional emotions become critical.
Psychological factors included not only mental health issues people might be having, but also basic emotions.
The most basic emotions, such as love, sympathy and respect, could all be in the past.
Mars, mostly concerned with basic emotions, is helping you to stand up for yourself.

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