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While Excel and 1-2-3 continue to support the keystroke macro languages, they now provide a full-featured Basic programming language.
Company officials say that Active-X will make it possible for a computer user to download all sorts of software components - including those written in Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language and Sun's Java - and have them interact accurately and automatically on each Web page.
For more exacting requirements--such as right-justified and zero-filled amounts--you might need to write a program using the Access Basic programming language.
If you want to learn about the BASIC programming language, Chapters 13 and 14 are helpful.
Although Visual Basic has its roots in the BASIC programming language, there are two significant differences.
Designed for first-year engineering students, this textbook has been praised for its clear and concise language and explanations, making it easier for instructors to communicate the basic programming language in a classroom environment.
Corel says it also licensing Microsoft Corp's VBA Vi sual Basic programming language.

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