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Subsidising the Centre and therefore the least vulnerable in society, who will be its main clientele, will be at the expense of the basic requirements of education and health of the most vulnerable in Wales.
This self-publishing service provider offers authors access to comprehensive, high-quality editorial services to ensure that titles meet the basic requirements of a professionally published book.
There are three basic requirements for a working condition fringe to qualify for exclusion:
Basic requirements include rating the significance of environmental aspects, developing a plan, documenting details and measuring the methods for determining the effectiveness of practices that satisfy the environmental management system.
Yet, according to published surveys and our own questionnaires, audiences have five basic requirements for a business presentation:
Basic requirements for Navy (1981 study) and Air Force (1990 and 2003 studies) enrollment were similar.
On the eve of Iran's presidential election, US President George Bush said the voting had been designed to keep power in the hands of a few rulers 'through an electoral process that ignores the basic requirements of democracy.
By entering in basic requirements for simple mounting styles, such as unwind or rewind, roll weight and web width, converters are provided with a carbon fiber or aluminum external element air shaft that can weigh as much as 50 percent less than their existing shaft.
Many are not fully aware of benefits and services they may be entitled to, such as education benefits and Free medical care at VA medical facilities for two years following their discharge if they meet a few basic requirements.
To prepare the master plan, Vollmer will make an inventory of the site, provide a detailed map, study the environmental implications of redevelopment and, with the city, determine the basic requirements of the project and how they can best be met.
Sadly the chief judge complained generally about 'a worrying proportion of the nominated websites [which] failed to meet the most basic requirements for accessibility [including] contrast between text and background.

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