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BASILICA, civil law. This is derived from a Greek word, which signifies imperial constitutions. The emperor Basilius, finding the Corpus Juris Civilis of Justinian too long and obscure, resolved to abridge it, and under his auspices the work proceeded to the fortieth book, which, at his death, remained unfinished. His son and successor, Leo, the philosopher, continued the work, and published it in sixty books, about the year 880. Constantine Porphyro-genitus, younger brother of Leo, revised the work, re-arranged it, and republished it, Anno Domini, 910. From that time the laws of Justinian ceased to have any force in the eastern empire, and the Basilica were the foundation of the law observed there till Constantine XIII, the last of the Greek emperors, under whom, in 1453, Constantinople was taken by Mahomet the Turk, who put an end to the empire and its laws. Histoire de la Jurisprudence Etienne, Intr. a 1'etude du Droit Romain, Sec. LIII. The Basilica were written in Greek. They were translated into Latin by J. Cujas (Cujacius) Professor of Law in the University of Bourges, and published at Lyons, 22d of January, 1566, in one vol. fo.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Arteriovenous access surgeries as result of the conversion project AV access types AV access creation n=25 Radiocephalic fistula 13 Brachiocephalic fistula 8 Arteriovenous graft 0 Transposed basilic vein fistula 4 In fact, in our study, the problem of refusal of conversion by suitable patients was as common as consent to convert.
Of the 76 peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) lines placed in the basilic vein, 35.5% migrated inferiorly and medially (mean 1.48 cm), 14.5% migrated laterally (mean 1.74 cm), and 50% did not change position.
For CBC test, blood is collected through venipuncture by phlebotomist using hypodermic needle from median cubital, cephalic or basilic vein and transferred to lavender color EDTA anticoagulant containing vials.
Figure 2 shows a venogram of a basilic vein spasm and thrombus.
The blood samples were drawn from one of three main veins at the antecubital fossa (the cephalic, basilic, and median cubitals).
Worldwide FX, Digiscope, Factory VFX, Ghost VFX, Hydraulx, Identity FX, Prime Focus VFX, Reliance Mediaworks, the Resistance VFX, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Basilic Fly Studio;.
The axillary, brachial, basilic, and internal jugular veins are imaged with compression, supplemented with color and spectral Doppler (Figure 9).
The basilic vein is the third choice because it is easy to palpate; however, it is not well anchored and can be a painful site to access.
It approached the medial cutaneous nerve of forearm (nervus cutaneus medialis antebrachii) and the basilic vein (vena basilica) and together they coursed distally as far as the interepicondylar line.
Persian strolls home The easiest winner of the afternoon was Persian Delight, who turned the concluding bumper into a one-horse show as he strode away to beat Basilic D'Alene by 12 lengths.