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The reason for opening up a certified store in the regionis obvious - the market is booming, and while Lego doesn't divulge region-specific numbers, Bast reveals that it has seen high-end double-digit growth in the Middle East over the last five years.
But at first it's kind of like looking at an X-ray without a medical degree," Bast explains.
These amulets commonly featured an image of a cat and its kittens and were often used by women trying to have children, praying to Bast that they be granted the same number of children as kittens depicted on the amulet.
Bast says, "We're convinced this will be a win-win situation for Heartland as well as Eli Lehrer and his team of very skillful and devoted policy experts.
Bast says that definitive proof will rely on the exact dimensions of one of the structures matching that of an ark myth, while radiometric dating that shows a structure is of the same era as the myths will convince many.
Natural-fiber composites are typically compression molded from nonwoven mats of bast and PP fibers.
During Pollack's search for the truth about Bast, and how he died, he made the painful discovery that his father had, for a time, been the Gestapo chief in the Austrian city of Linz.
Lindell Bast, Plant Engineer, Corbitt Manufacturing Co.
It was going to be a Bast time for the champion and his caddie.
Application: High-yield CMP from the bast may be used as a reinforcement component in newsprint making to maintain a relatively high freeness in TMP from wood, reducing the refining energy cost.
February 1--Environment & Climate News cites Smith and Plummer in article "Eight Reasons Why 'Global Warming' Is a Scam" by Joe Bast.