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Another well known TV star, Gabriel Porras added “I chose to be part of Ya Basta's PSA because I felt it is our societal responsibility for those of us who are in the media to use our voice for a cause that is greatly affecting our families.
The two companies will formulate and market BASFs non-selective herbicide, Basta, to farmers in Korea.
y que lo diga La R., que re parte indulgencias del Congreso.) Digamos juntos iya basta! en Sinaloa (Y si los asesinan considerense parte de la victoria pospuesta, la R.), y digamos !ya basta!
"An injunction has been served by the High Court to allow BASTA drivers to provide interim services at the airport and to maintain the status quo.
the Parliament, Emil Dimitrov, has registered under his name the party Bulgaria for Alternative to Fear, Totalitarianism, and Apathy, with the abbreviation in Bulgarian reading BASTA (the Italian word basta a enough, is used with the same meaning in Bulgarian.)
Recientemente aparecio Basta cerrar los ojos (Ediciones Era, Mexico, 2014), antologia en la que aparece una breve seleccion de nueve poemarios de Jaramillo Agudelo, ademas de una ultima seccion de poemas que no se han incluido en otros volumenes.
"I took part in the Ya Basta PSA because I am outraged by the number of Hispanic women that face abuse in their everyday lives," Chavez stated.
Investigations that led to the arrest of the leaders and members of the terrorist group, named as 'Al Basta Group', also found that the group received financial and logistical support from Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRG) and Hezbollah.
Traditionally an antique market, Basta's antique shops have a long history in the region.
However, my choices have been greatly influenced by the art courses I attended at university," Basta said.
"Alam ko na kung sinonghellip basta!" Marian said she is not surprised that Maine has a lot of suitors because Maine has it all.
by Times News ServiceThe event, which was held at Basta Majan Cafe, featured Khalid Al Abri, founder of Ostool Al Bon, and Fahd Al Saqri, founder of Basta Majan.